Safety, Access and Training provides quality consultancy and training services. We take pride in being specialists in the fields of hazardous work environments, risk management, safety, workplace emergency management and rescue.


We are a small Australian company consisting largely of Fire-fighters, Ambulance Officers & Police. We have operational credibility, current and contemporary skills which are backed-up by a sound network of professionals.

We value each customer and strive for long-term relationships.


Safety, Access and Training in partnership with Safeguard Training Services is able to provide nationally accredited training throughout Australia (Registered Training Organisation provider number 90987). Our courses are designed to provide you with the latest comprehensive training.  We strive to keep you safe in the workplace and assist you to comply with your Health and Safety obligations under law.



Safety, Access and Training is a Corporate Member of the Fire Protection Association Australia and embraces the Associations codes of practice relating to fire safety.


Safety Access offers quality and competitive training & services in the following areas:

    Warden and Workplace Evacuation
        • 1st Response Fire Attack (Extinguisher, Fire Blanket & Fire Hose Reel)
  • Chemical Spills (Render HAZMAT Incident Safe)
  • Compilation of Emergency Response Procedures and Plans.


The programs listed are delivered using a combination of theory sessions, as well as practical skills and scenario based training.
Lastly, we are able to offer consultancy in many areas due to our vast network of professionals. Please call our clients to gauge their satisfaction.


Trainer Qualification and Experience

All our Trainers meet the requirements of Standard 7 for Registered Training Organisation’s under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). 


In meeting this requirement they hold, as a minimum, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and demonstrated additional qualifications and experience in the subjects in which they are required to train and assess.


Further, Safety, Access & Training engages the services of suitably experienced individuals and organisations external to the company (Safeguard Training Services), to validate our assessors and the courses we offer.